Ispahani Agro Limited (IAL), a sister concern of M. M. Ispahani Ltd. started its journey in 2007. IAL aims to develop a complete agro business unit which will contribute innovative and sustainable approaches to farming, agriculture, safe food production and the preservation of nature.

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Vision: Safe food for a better life

Mission:“One stop agriculture” – sustainable supply chain development to ensure safe food reaches consumers.


  • Farmers’ progress will lead the country to prosperity
  • Committed to maintain the balance of nature
  • The promotion of health, heritage and purity

Targeting safe food security IAL has designed “One Stop Agriculture” composed of the following business wings:

  1. Ispahani Seeds
  2. Ispahani Biotech
  3. Ispahani Agro Processing


IAL Business Wings:

Ispahani Seeds

“Ispahani Seeds” is engaged in research, production, processing and marketing of many crop varieties, including cereal crops, oilseeds, tuber crops and vegetables seeds. It has already established a state of the art R&D facility, fully-equipped processing unit and conditioned warehouse for quality seeds.

The Ispahani Seeds basket includes:

  1. Op vegetable seeds
  2. Hybrid vegetable seeds
  3. OP rice seeds
  4. Hybrid rice seeds
  5. Wheat seeds
  6. Hybrid Maize seeds
  7. Seed Potato
  8. Jute seeds
  9. Oil seeds (up coming)
  10. Pulse seeds (up coming)

Ispahani Biotech

Ispahani Biotech, with the “commitment to maintain the balance of nature”, focuses on research & development of bio-pesticides and relevant technologies for vegetables, rice, tea and sugarcane.

Biotech product portfolio of IBT consists of:

  1. Sex pheromones
  2. Microbial
  3. Bio control agents
  4. Bio fertilizers
  5. Bio fungicide
  6. Bio herbicide

Ispahani Agro Processing:

  • Rice:

Ispahani Agro Limited (IAL) entered into the rice market through the introduction of Chinigura rice in 2010. Currently, IAL have the following varieties of rice products available:

  1. Aromatic rice (Chinigura, Kalijira, Tulshimala, Badshabhog,)
  2. Per boiled rice (Minicate, Najirshail Kataribhog, Banglamoti etc.)
  3. High Nutritious rice (Beruin, Black, Low GI)
  • Garden fresh “Mango” (Chemical free mango from garden)

Ispahani Agro Limited (IAL) has been striving to deliver healthy and fresh food products to the consumer since its inception. As part of this continuous effort, IAL has been supplying garden fresh mango (Formalin and Carbide free) from selected gardens to the market since 2011.

Along with Rice and Garden Fresh Mango, Ispahani Agro Processing is also planning to expand to the following sectors:

  1. Processing chemical free vegetable products by farmers
  2. Edible oil (rice bran oil, sunflower oil etc)
  3. Processing and packaging pulses



Contact Address:

Ms. Fawzia yasmeen
General Manager
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Ispahani Building
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