Mirza Salman Ispahani is receiving BT-23 clone sapling of improved variety from the honorable Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi.

On the occasion of ‘First National Tea Day 2021’ organized by the Bangladesh Tea Board, on 4th June 2021, high-quality tea sapling of BT-22 and BT-23 were unveiled.

On the occasion of ‘First National Tea Day 2021’ organized by Bangladesh Tea Board on 4th June 2021 at a function, organized at Osmani Memorial Auditorium in Dhaka, high-quality tea saplings of BT-22 and BT-23 invented in Bangladesh were unveiled. Mirza Salman Ispahani, one of the leading tea garden owners and the Chairman of Ispahani Tea Limited, the leading tea producing and marketing company of Bangladesh, received BT-23 tea sapling from the Commerce Minister on the occasion, states a press release.

BT-23 is a high-quality tea plant variety developed by BTRI, the tea research institute of Bangladesh. This tea variety was invented to promote the production of better quality tea in the tea gardens of Bangladesh in the future. In recognition of Ispahani’s contribution to the tea industry in Bangladesh and the cultivation of this tree variant in Ispahani’s tea gardens, the seedling of this tree was presented to Ispahani, so that they can help to increase the quality of tea produced in Bangladesh.

Honorable Minister of Commerce Tipu Munshi MP was present on the occasion as the Chief Guest. Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Imran Ahmed MP was present as the special guest on the occasion and was chaired by the Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce Dr Md. Zafar Uddin. Persons related to the tea industry of Bangladesh were also present on the occasion.

Source: TBS News