Ispahani Agro Ltd, a subsidiary of Ispahani Group, has launched its variety of Chinigura rice called Parbon with the aim of taking quality rice to the doorsteps of its customers, said a press release.

Ispahani Agro Ltd follows the ‘Soddy to Grain’ quality process under which, the company delivers the seeds to farmers, provides them with the necessary guidelines on cultivation provided and subsequently, collects the rice.

The packaged rice is, therefore, consistent in quality and colour and contains no stones.

The objective of Ispahani Agro Ltd is to bring good quality rice to the doorsteps of the customers by keeping the real taste and nutritional value of the product intact, the release said.

The newly launched brand, Parbon, is available in 1 kilogram packages and 50 kg sacks.

Ispahani also sells other varieties of rice, including flavoured Kalajira, Tulsimala, Najirshail, Miniket, Kataribhog.

Source: New Age